Feed Tech

Technological Pellet Binder

COMPACT is a new concept premix of natural products, which facilitates the pelleting of animal feed. It is a pellet binder formulated without the use of by-products of the chemical industry, such as Lignosulfonate or CarboxyMethyl Cellulose.
COMPACT is an innovation in the pellet binder market thanks to his many properties that differentiates it from the traditional pellet binders.

is a mycotoxin binder that protects animals health by deactivating mycotoxins found in contaminated feed: its precise formula combines different active ingredients with particular specificity, giving PACTATOX a broad spectrum binding capacity.
These mycotoxins are produced by a wide range of mold/fungi that have considerable health impact and adverse effects and their toxicity may be further enhanced by subsequent metabolic transformations done by the animals, particularly in the liver. PACTATOX will work mainly against the following toxins: Aflatoxins, Zearalenone and Fumonisin.

PACTASORB effectively prevents digestive absorption of mycotoxins present in the animal feed, ensuring animal health and feed/food safety. It is a unique non-digestible mycotoxin binder based on an optimized formulation of activated clays and Mannan-Oligosaccharides with a broad-spectrum mycotoxin binding efficacy


NATUMET is a combination of plants with high content of sulfur and with biological activities analogue to the Methionine. NATUMET in the diet acts as an adjuvant of the Methionine, increasing the bioavailability of the aminoacid.
NATUMET contains precursors and intermediate products of Methionine, folic acid and recyclers, thanks to the natural components that are provided from its ingredients.
NATUMET is an effective and profitable replacer of DL-Methionine in all feeds used in livestock production (pig, poultry, ruminants, aquaculture, petfood) increasing the bioavailability of the Methionine from the raw materials included in the diet.


NATUCHOL contains natural and stable choline and biotin in conjugated esterified form supporting hepatic lipid metabolism thus improving the overall animal health.
Such unique combination of esterified choline, inositol, glycerol and other components in NATUCHOL demonstrates better physiological effects than synthetic choline chloride, without leading to deterioration of vitamins and other feed ingredients in the formulation. Furthermore, the usage of NATUCHOL improves the Return On Investment on the feed formulations.