PACTA Srl specializes in animal feed nutrition. The view of the founders, that count with more than 40 years experience in the field, is to provide feed solutions, nutrient solutions through a well organized sales and technical support team.

We are proud to offer best selected feed materials: proteins and by-pass fats primarily while at the same time we pioneer specialty additives and premixes for all species to meet specific needs and provide solutions to our customers.

Our primary objective is to supply the industry natural solutions, products from Nature that offer additional advantages to our customers. Our selected beans like Guar Korma provide a non GMO leguminous with high content of protein and energy while free of anti nutritional factors and low tannins content. Rice Gluten and Rice Protein provide a palatable protein source ideal for pets, horses or aqua diets, non GMO and free from anti nutritional factors as well. Soyc’or (non GMO soy protein concentrate) provides an excellent protein source while it enables a better environment as it reduces free ammonia. Our product Minerva is a natural lignite with the highest humic acid concentration, additional properties like anti viral activity in both human and animal nutrition are being scientifically tested and can improve our diets and animal welfare drastically: less diarrhea, excellent toxin binder, a natural bio stimulator.

We welcome our friends of the industry to try our products and keep an eye on our novelties.
It is a new road for bright future.