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    SOYC'OR is a Soya (Glycine Max) Protein Concentrate obtained from non-GMO crops.
    Through a series of controlled technological processes, a good portion of the oils present in the seed of the plant is eliminated, and then, through an alcoholic extraction and the use of particular technologies, anti-nutritional factors are removed, oligosaccharides of the group of Raffinose and antigens remained from the first process, to obtain the finished product.

    ROASTED GUAR KORMA is a high-protein feed material (55% ±2% guarantee), obtained after the total extraction of gum from the seeds of the leguminous plant named Guar (C. tetragonoloba) followed by a final roasting process.

    TETRAMEAL is obtained by precise processing of guar germs using steam, control temperature for proper roasting, followed by lamination and micronization. Its particle size is less than 200 μm, which makes the product more soluble. The bio-availability and digestive absorption (>95%) is enhanced.